Payment and Collectables

Neighbor empowers complete management of all financial activities in the property you manage or live in. You are able to collect or make a payment with just one click. Including recurring costs and special charges, via credit cards. Including generating balance sheets and reports

Accept payments and issue recurring costs via credit card

Accept property payments in real time via credit card with just one click. Follow up payments with receipts sent directly from your mobile device.

Manage expenses and income straight from your cell phone

See who has paid you in real time, accept fees and send out receipts from your mobile device. 

Maintenance Issues & Repairs

With Neighbor you can easily report a range of maintenance issues to the building representative, property manager or board. Tenants can enter a detailed description, attach an image and any other information to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible. This feature allows all parties to check on the progress of the request and connect with the maintenance employee if needed.

Manage the Maintenance Employee

The system ensures the assigned maintenance employee has received all the relevant information to handle the issue in the best possible way.

Get Updates in Real Time

Get real-time data updates with any changes in the status of the maintenance request.

Tenant Portal

One of the most important aspects of property management is communication. With Neighbor you can send personalized messages to tenants directly from your mobile device, helping make joint decisions with relevant parties, both internally and externally. 

One Communication Channel Across the Board

With one click, Neighbor allows relevant parties to communicate, creating a personal feed for your property, ensuring everyone is up to date. 

Personal communication channels

Your message not relevant to all parties? Use the direct communication channel where you’ll be able to send personal messages directly from your mobile device.

Financial transparency

With Neighbor you can manage your fixed and variable expenses. The system allows you to photograph your receipts and a digital copy will be saved in the system.  All financial information related to the property is saved to a digital file, saving time and energy previously spent manually entering data and reducing potential errors. 

Monthly recurring costs

Manage all your fixed monthly expenses, and save time monthly.

Special expenses


Set up special charges and decide who needs to pay them. Over time Neighbor’s AI mechanism recognizes your financial needs and offers suggestions for improvement.

Customized platform for managers and management companies

After managing tens of thousands of properties we realized that every property has its own unique needs, which is why we developed Neighbor Pro which allows for complete customization. Neighbor allows you to customize your platform, tailored to your property’s needs. 

Want to find out more about Neighbor Pro? You’re just one click away from everything you need to know. 

Stay connected

Anything you can do from your office desk, you can now do on the road. Neighbor Pro let’s you communicate with suppliers, on-site employees, office employees, approve updates, and make real-time decisions — all directly from a mobile device.

Property managers, customers & suppliers

Neighbor Pro allows managers to control their properties, suppliers, employees and straight from a mobile device. Get updated in real time about all your company’s activities.


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