Neighbor is a smart property management system, providing a wide range of solutions and features for both tenants and property managers.

Neighbor replaces outdated methods of managing your property, and provides managers, tenants and property managers a new and more effective way of doing business.

iOS 9 and Android 4.1 and higher

Neighbor is [and will always be] free to download, however a small fee will be charged when using your credit card for payments.

Neighbor saves property manager and building representative the headache of management fee collections, banking checks and accounting. With Neighbor you can accept payments via credit card, and transfer money directly to the property’s joint bank account.

Neighbor lets you charge any additional fees that the property manager assigns to be paid via credit card. Manage your property expenditure and income with complete financial transparency by producing balance statements and other financial reports. Neighbor allows each party to communicate conveniently using messages, helping make joint decisions without the need for long, frustrating tenant meetings.

With Neighbor, tenants can make property payments using a credit card directly from their mobile device. Tenants can view their joint property expenses and see where the money was spent.

With Neighbor, property tenants can report maintenance requests allowing the property manager / tenant representatives / maintenance worker to follow the status of the request, in real time.

All those connected to the property can communicate through one centralized location. Send and receive messages from all relevant parties, rate services, and make joint decisions without the need for meetings.

A premium version of Neighbor, Neighbor Pro has a wider range of capabilities for the property manager and management company.

With Neighbor Pro your property management company is streamlined into one centralized location. Manage all employees, both on-site and in the office, all from a mobile device.

With Neighbor you can use most major credit cards, (not including Dinners).

Neighbor is committed to protecting your information and takes every precaution to protect it from unauthorised access. Online payments are made using the strictest security standards in accordance with Israeli credit card companies. We meet the security standards of PCI with the help of one of Israel’s largest credit clearing companies. Your credit card details will never be saved in our systems, but are stored on the company’s servers which will never disclose your full details.

In addition, the entire system works with an SSL certificate providing ensuring the data you entered into the system is protected and secure.

So simple, so smart, download now!

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