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Neighbor is Your One-Stop Shop Solution for Property Management.


  The Neighbor app is and will always be free

Neighbor helps tenants, building and property managers make the most out of their property — saving you time & money.

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Online Payments

Offer tenants an easy-to-use online payment system. Accept fixed payments online, followed up with a digital receipt via email.
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Report & Track Maintenance requests

Resolve issues quickly by allowing tenants to report and track maintenance requests.

Communicate with [neighboring] tenants

Neighbor’s tenant portal makes communication easy between management and tenants and between tenants themselves.

Financial Transparency

With Neighbor, tenants can pay for property services and view income and expense reports allowing for more financial transparency.

Share Events

Create and share events with tenants followed up by notifications from property manager.

Financial Reports

Send tenants financial reports in a clear and organized format.

Make Collective Decisions

With Neighbor’s tenant portal, collective decisions between management and tenants are made quickly and efficiently.

Tenant Directory

Access and easily search for tenant’s contact information and preferred forms of contact.

100% Mobile

Neighbor’s app means you can log in with any connected device, allowing you to access your business anywhere.
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Payment and Collection

With Neighbor you can manage every charge, payment, deposit, and refund in real time.

Manage Expenses

Manage joint building expenses simply, without running after tenants
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Maintenance Management

With Neighbor, tenants can submit maintenance requests directly to the property management company at their convenience. Track progress in real time, helping to resolve issues fast.

Tenant Portal

Communicate and make decisions between tenants, owners and the board via the shared tenant portal.


Share financial reports with your tenants ensuring that the management of the property is completely transparent.

Financial Reports

With Neighbor you can manage joint expenses and income, and receive financial reports in an organized format.

Manage Deposits

Receive live reports of payments and manage deposits into a joint account.
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Manage Payments

Accept payments, and set up recurring costs with just one click. Online payments can be made with all major credit cards, and are followed up with an automatic email and receipt straight to an inbox.

Send Messages

Using Neighbor’s tenant portal you’re able to contact tenants about all matters pertaining to your property.

Manage Your Property Remotely

Even if you don’t live in your property, Neighbor keeps you updated on payments and tenant discussions.
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Manage Maintenance Requests from Tenants

Manage all events and activities with your tenant, including maintenance requests.

Financial Reports

Generate accurate reports that includes an income & expenditure statement for each rental property.

Communication with Your Tenant

Neighbor allows you manage all communication with your tenant via a mobile device.

Communicate with Other Unit Owners

Neighbor allows you to communicate and reach decisions with other unit owners in your property.

Manage Off-Site Maintenance

Neighbor allows for off-site maintenance reporting, for both tenant and property owner.

Management Company Assistance

Use Neighbor to assist your management company; contacting employees, suppliers, and customers.

Management of Property and Tenants

Add and remove tenants from the system, without having to contact the Neighbor support team.
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Manage Payments

Neighbor allows tenants to pay for relevant fees using credit cards, in real-time.
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Manage Maintenance Requests

Manage all maintenance requests with your tenants and track progress in real time, helping to resolve issues fast.

Manage your Employees

Manage your employees; track their status, set timetables and contact them anytime, any place.

Role-Based Security

With Neighbor you can define roles that provide different levels of access to your users, ensuring a controlled and managed environment.

Communicate with Your Tenants

Neighbor lets you communicate with your tenants, send them important notifications and receive feedback.

Financial Reports

Manage joint expenses and income, in a clear and organized format.

The one and only solution you’ll ever need for property management!

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Stop running after tenants, and take [back] control of your business

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Customized to Suit Your Needs 

Whatever your business requirements, Neighbor can be customized to deliver exactly what your property business needs.

We Protect Your Data 

Neighbor uses robust security software to protect your data. Keeping your personal data safe is of paramount importance to us.

We’re Here for You

Whether you need customer support, have a question to ask, or give us some feedback — we’re here for you. 


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